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1. To be the leading healthcare organization offering gold standard products and unmatched services to the society.


1. To ensure our presence in all dialysis & transplant centers PAN-India.

2. To offer high quality and affordable products from CKD Stage 3 to Post Transplant Management.

3. To elevate the level of education in society.

4. To imbibe an organizational culture which exhibits Family outside Family leading to Innovation with a Difference.

Core Values


Akognos believes in having strong cross-functional teams working seamlessly under all circumstances towards shared goals. This synergism helps in receiving constructive feedbacks and manifests a familial culture.


Akognos shares information appropriately and promotes dialogue with stakeholders thereby enhancing mutual faith. We believe in equality, implying fairness and impartiality.


Diversity for Akognos means offering multiple solutions for all the challenges faced in patient treatment.


Akognos believes in broadening minds and transforming thinking to develop new insights in elevating the healthcare standards.


The strength of Akognos solely lies in their tenacity. We are consistent, endurant and patient while overcoming challenges.


With commitment, Akognos brings in determination towards transcending the limits and surpassing the goals.


The strongest survives but it’s the passionate who thrives. With zestfulness and enthusiasm, Akognos works for the fulfillment of ambitions and desires.